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Beauty beyond imagination

Monteleone produces Mirrors, Cosmetic mirrors and Bathroom accessories studied in collaboration with a technical Team attentive to the new Design trends, paying special attention to bespoke products for operators in the sector.

To design a space truly personalised which reflects the client’s personality and style, we create bespoke products which add exclusivity and unicity to the bathroom environment. rom shape to colour, from material to finish, we manage to satisfy the clients’ needs by helping them create the environment they imagined.


Innovative and high-quality mirrors

With the Spekkio brand we create innovative and high-quality products, especially suitable for the Hotel industry, taking care of the details that give identity to the bathroom. Each Spekkio article is the result of a functional approach to product development: this combination of form and function ensures that every technical solution is developed with the overall aesthetic beauty in mind.

he choice of the right colour is essential to complement all the bathroom accessories. hat’s why our collection is further enhanced through the addition of different finishes: matt gold, matt bronze, frosted copper, matt black nickel and bespoke alternatives too.

Always at your height

Venus mirrors

Venus is a patented round lighted mirror with a built-in lighted 3X magnification cosmetic mirror: an inner rotation system allows to rotate the mirror to better use the cosmetic mirror according to the height.

Beautiful design and functional efficiency to enhance with elegance and versatility the entire bathroom décor and to meet the varied demands of the international hospitality industry.


Custom mirrors reflecting your style

The possibility of customisation is fundamental in creating the best relationship with clients and project managers. We work closely with architects and interior designers to achieve the best result and to satisfy all the requirements and specifications.

The Monteleone range of mirrors has been designed to allow customisation not only in shape and size, but also in the finish and colour of the lights, a fundamental element in creating the right atmosphere. We turn ideas into reality.

Space to design

Bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories and linear, elegant, durable and practical complements to complete your bathroom. The excellent quality of the materials ensures that the products are resistant and the finishes are long-lasting, preventing the surface from being scratched and damaged.

Monteleone offers solid design solutions to create durable and contemporary bathroom accessories for high-end hospitality; it combines a range of innovative qualities – flexibility, aesthetics and sustainability.

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