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SPEKKIO is the brand that signs our creations, synonymous with personality and beauty for the creation of design mirrors.

Spekkio solutions start from an aesthetic and functional research, in which lines, materials, space occupation are oriented to find the perfect match between proportions and needs, between practicality of use and style.

Monteleone is a reference point in cosmetic mirrors, Mirrors, and Bathroom Accessories for hotels.

Monteleone’s ideas are born from the constant study and experimentation of a team of creative and technical people in the sector, experts in translating the client’s suggestions and desires into customised articles.

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Turnable LED: the illuminated swivel mirror | Monteleone

Monteleone has always been synonymous with constant research in the field of mirrors and accessories for hotels. Our aim is to create design solutions for exclusive environments, with the perfect combination of form and function at the heart of the project, while...

Custom made bathroom mirror by Monteleone: chic enchantments

Monteleone has always focused its philosophy on the idea of customising its product line for luxury hotels. With this in mind, we have realised the new customised mirror that we are going to present to you, chosen by the Radisson Red Liverpool to embellish the...

Bathroom accessories: all you need to know

When speaking of bathroom accessories, the term 'accessory' risks being misleading, unsuitable to fully express the importance of certain objects within the living context. Accessories are the complements that give order and function to space, consolidate stylistic...

Magnifying mirrors: types, features and advice

A magnifying mirror is a must-have bathroom accessory, the essential element for women and men to take care of themselves, notice details, apply make-up or trim their beards. However, all magnifying mirrors are not the same and each one has its own characteristics and...

5 tips for choosing the right mirror for your bathroom

How do you choose a mirror for the bathroom? The apparently simple question conceals within itself a series of evaluations and reasoning that have to do not only with the aesthetic aspect. The bathroom mirror is a fundamental element from a functional and stylistic...

Shower and bath accessories: Monteleone’s creations

Monteleone means, above all, design creations in the field of cosmetic mirrors and mirrors, but the creativity of our creatives is not limited to this: our catalogue includes, in fact, a very rich offer that concerns the sector of bathroom and shower accessories,...

The practical and symbolic importance of the mirror in the bathroom environment

The reflection: a concept, before being an act, that encapsulates the history of the world, mythological narratives, research and self-knowledge. The mirror, by extension, becomes a casket capable of enclosing and expressing a series of symbolisations that make it an...


Spekkio: innovation and personality Monteleone is committed to the daily search for products that can continue to satisfy people's needs. Innovation, design and functionality are the three fundamental points on which we focus our research, aimed at offering something...

Mirror collections by Monteleone: design and style

Monteleone means more than 30 years' experience in the furnishing sector and more than 20 years spent alongside the major players in the hotel industry. We have invested all our time and resources in creating a new way of thinking about the bathroom environment and...

A journey through Monteleone magnifying mirrors

Monteleone's magnifying mirrors are the embodiment of our creative thinking. Through these infinitely expressive and symbolic objects, we make our vision of bathroom mirrors visible and tangible, conceiving new designs and revolutionary technologies. Variety, but...

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