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Design mirrors

Monteleone is a benchmark in the Cosmetic mirrorsMirrors and Bathroom accessories for hotel. The Monteleone collections are exalted in bespoke mirrors and propose an exclusive approach to the universe of design mirrors, finding concreteness in unique articles, in shape, style and finishes.

Monteleone’s ideas are born from the constant study and experimentation of a team of creative and technical people in the sector, experts in translating the client’s suggestions and desires into customised articles.

Reflect yourself

Bespoke mirrors

Monteleone mirrors and bespoke mirrors are designed for exclusive environments, where elegance and style are an expression of character and taste. Each mirror is customisable, adaptable to the living context for which it is intended, integrating with and optimising space.

The mirror becomes the symbol of a perspective, of a way of perceiving furnishing and living: it reflects the character and soul of the person using it and, at the same time, assumes a useful and everyday function, to give elegance to everyday gestures.

Function, space, design


The Spekkio brand expresses in the most complete way the aesthetic sense of Monteleone’s creations. The products are conceived for distinct contexts in the Hotellerie and residential sectors. The Spekkio collections carry forward a concept in which design and functionality are interconnected and contribute to make visible a new way of thinking about the mirror, not a mere aesthetic ornament nor a convenient accessory, but a meeting point between the two tensions.

Spekkio solutions start from an aesthetic and functional research, in which lines, materials, space occupation are oriented to find the perfect match between proportions and needs, between practicality of use and style.

Always at your height

Venus mirrors

The round mirror Venus illuminates the bathroom and offers the possibility of adjusting the intensity and mode of the light beam to perfection. Venus uses a patented system whereby a magnifying cosmetic mirror is naturally integrated into the structure of the mirror; the cosmetic mirror can be adjusted to the desired height by means of an internal rotation system.

The beautiful design and functional intelligence of Venus allow the entire concept of bathroom décor to be rewritten with elegance and versatility, offering a tailor-made solution that draws inspiration from everyday habits and needs.

Details are not details

Bathroom accessories

Monteleone places its artistic and technical expression at the service of liveability and offers bathroom accessories that stand out for their linearity, elegance, material quality and practicality. The excellent quality of the accessories ensures resistance and durability; the finishes are designed to withstand the pressures of time and use, protecting the surfaces from scratches and damage.

The demands of fashion and contemporary design are part of an ethical vision of the world of furniture for the hotel sector, in which every accessory is made with respect for environmental sustainability, demonstrating sensitivity and ethicality, fixed points of a company that has always made innovation one of its distinguishing features.


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