Monteleone means, above all, design creations in the field of cosmetic mirrors and mirrors, but the creativity of our creatives is not limited to this: our catalogue includes, in fact, a very rich offer that concerns the sector of bathroom and shower accessories, design solutions conceived to enhance the environment – whether at home or for luxury hotels – in an original, soberly elegant way, through a maniacal attention to detail. Here is the story of our bathroom accessories.


Bathroom accessories: everything you need


As we have always maintained, the bathroom is a sui generis room in the home, a context that absorbs both practical and symbolic meanings: the bathroom is the room in which we prepare to begin our days, the place where we take care of our ego, the area we dedicate to ourselves. As a storage centre for interests and uses, the bathroom lends itself to a plurality of uses, to which multiple needs are correlated.

Our proposals for bathroom accessories fully embrace the user’s needs and respond to specific and transversal requirements. Accessories are the elements that make a bathroom truly complete, functional and responsive to the needs of the user. But they are also the subtleties that make the difference from an exquisitely formal point of view, that give colours and plays of lines, that enhance the details and complete the view. And we at Monteleone know this well.


Our accessories: Hangers, soap dishes, baskets and more


What does a bathroom need to be complete? So many things. And each of them is never limited to being a mere utility object, but is part of a unique, coherent, uniform and harmonious aesthetic canon. Our catalogue of ideas for the bathroom starts from this concept, to propose everything you need, in different concepts and developments, although they share the same approach that guides all our projects: form and function are two tensions that must be balanced, neither of them exceeds the other.


Our towel rails and handles take a direction that winks at a composed elegance when we speak of the solutions of the Vega line in chrome-plated brass, or dissolve into the irreverent suggestions of Bios and Bios Classic Bronze. In the same way, baskets, soap dishes, toilet roll holders and glass holders can be sober and neoclassical in the shapes of the Star Inox collections or bold in the clean, minimalist lines proposed by Plane. And then there are the products in the catalogue of the Brio series, characterised by an everyday elegance, without excess, but never banal.


Hairdryers, Stools and complements

As we were saying, every detail of use finds the answers it desires in the Monteleone catalogue. Our commercial offer includes a wide range of hairdryers, as well as the necessary supports for their correct and practical placement. And then the series of bathroom seats, which in our idea are translated into bathroom stools of different shapes and materials, which can be integrated into classic or modern contexts. Finally, the proposal of Monteleone complements, shower accessories and articulated projects to meet the needs of the disabled, which approach development according to canons always oriented by style, but also by the ability to understand, internalize and solve the discomforts of those who have different urgencies from the standard.


Monteleone is all this and much more.


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