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Monteleone is a dynamic company in constant growth who offers an innovative variety of high-quality mirrors, cosmetic mirrors and bathroom accessories. We have over 30 years of experience in bathroom furnishings and, more specifically, 20 years in the Hotel industry worldwide.

Our goal is to deliver prestigious and high-quality products that bring a client’s vision to life. The desire to offer high-quality products guaranteeing continuity of choices stimulates us to integrate different technologies in the continuous search for reliable and innovative solutions. As a collective team, the designers create both modern and traditional articles with a unique twist, turning anything into a powerful expression of the client’s personality.

We constantly and steadily provide new products, developing also customised articles thanks to the innovation and creativity of our team. We work closely with architects and interior designers to achieve the best result and to satisfy the project requirements. We are always in tune with the trend of the moment in order to offer our customers the latest and most innovative products out there.

Our solid history of innovation is guided by a fundamental principle: giving space to design. Our approach to high-quality design is delivered with integrity and pragmatism to exceed clients’ expectations.

The refined style of our creations is entrusted to established designers and architects who respond effectively to the needs of the market. The will to think of a reliable and high-quality product, to always build solutions projected to the future and the ability to see beyond make a dynamic company ready to grow every day, together with its customers.

And this is exactly Monteleone’s philosophy: to give space to space.


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