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The Taurus mirror for the Van der Valk Amsterdam Amstel Hotel

The Van der Valk Amsterdam Amstel Hotel is a 4-star hotel on the banks of the Amstel River in Amsterdam. The property is one of the city’s most representative luxury accommodations, known for its majesty and unmistakable style. The hotel has been in operation since 2018 and, since its opening, has stood out for its innovatively modern style and impressive building profile.

Some information about the Van der Valk Amsterdam Amstel Hotel

Before we tell you about our project-which involves the Taurus revolving mirror-we want to give you a little more information about the glittering luxury structure that stands out against the Van Gogh city skyline.

The Amstel Hotel is located in the cultural heart of Amsterdam, enhancing the profile of the Amstel River, from which it obviously takes its name.

The building offers excellent accommodations in 206 rooms, suites and luxury penthouses. The interior concept is elegant, unconventional, and in harmony with its building and landscape context.

The Van der Valk Amsterdam Amstel Hotel represents a benchmark in terms of luxury and prestige for what concerns hospitality in the city: with this in mind, we approached the project in which we were proudly involved.

The needs of the client

For this project, we decided without hesitation: the ideal choice was Taurus mirrors, the flagship of the Turnable LED line.

The Taurus Mirror

Taurus is a revolving mirror with a rectangular profile, sinuous, graceful, with a steel frame that supports and, at the same time, enhances the double front-back mirror.

A practical, functional idea, in which, however, aesthetic research takes a central role and shows itself in the fine finishes, in its luminous face marked by side lighting.

Taurus maximizes space, conquers the eye, embellishes the scenography of the rooms, in a discreet, balanced, chic way.

The quest, however, is never simply visual. Taurus was chosen for its technical innovation, for its ability to combine artistic design with functional requirements, generating a new form of elegance, characteristic of objects that see comfort and quality as elements of art and beauty. Here then, Taurus can be made to rotate and pander to spaces, adapting to the user’s demands for use: intelligent, practical, unique.

Below you can scroll through the photo gallery: here is the Taurus revolving mirror in the suites and rooms of the Van der Valk Amsterdam Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam.

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