Rotating mirrors – TAURUS

Slim profile, perfect everywhere

TAURUS is part of the Turnable LED line of revolving mirror solutions, conceived by Monteleone’s creatives and designers to provide an evocative, seductive and innovative response to the demands for practicality and maximisation of space.

But Taurus is much more than this. Its narrow profile, sinuous yet rectangular, harmonises ideally in almost any context with a contemporary soul, celebrating and consecrating the perception of modernity. Equipped with a double mirror front and back, sculpted in the steel of its frame and integrated with a magnifying mirror inside, the mirror offers everything that can be asked of a bathroom accessory.

Yet aesthetics does not subordinate itself to form, but is an integral part of a unified vision, which also goes towards creative research in design. To crown the creation, an illuminating system charmingly realised in the form of two parallel lines, which create a double frame game, one structural, the other functional and scenic.

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Beyond contemporary – TAURUS mirror


Despite its formal, sophisticated, glamorous appearance, TAURUS is a mirror that was born out of purely design considerations. The creatives and technicians have studied a solution capable of supporting the architects in every step, to bring a beautiful, practical and easy-to-apply bathroom furniture onto the market.

The mirror has an internal stainless steel frame that makes it easy to mount on the wall or at the washbasin, but it can also be installed on a stand to preserve the mirror function from double reflection. Inside the reflective surface, another mirror performs the function of a lens, to facilitate routine tasks such as putting on make-up or shaving.
Along the edges, two LED light beams add further appeal to the object.

The frame is made of stainless steel, chosen for its material and visual peculiarities: the profile is linear, attractive and discreet, yet guarantees strength and quality; it can also be customised, opting for a matt black or polished chrome version.


Rotating mirrors – TAURUS


Lighting: Double mirror, with one side lit.
Satin finish: Left and right vertical satin finish.
Lighting colour: Warm white light 3000K.
Finish: The mirror frame is polished stainless steel.
Electric wiring: Class I, 230-240 V.
{CE}: Meet the essential requirements of EU Directives.




  • With built-in, unlighted mirror, 3X.
  • The mirror is protected by stainless steel frame.

Other sizes available:

TL.TAU.SV033x100330x1000x40 mm


Two-sided bathroom mirrors with 300 degree rotation

Lighting: LED
*Front frame: polished/frosted stainless steel Thickness 15 mm
**Side frame: polished/frosted stainless steel
Inner frame: stainless steel
Notes: the two mirrors (two-sided) are interchangeable. The mirror can be fixed to a wall, wall board and ceiling, depending on the model chosen.