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The Palazzo Tirso MGallery is a central element of Cagliari‘s architectural culture, a 5-star hotel in which the fascinations of an ultra-luxury structure come together harmoniously with the evocations that make Sardinia a unique and evocative reality in its own right.

In this context, we at Monteleone had the pleasure of collaborating, alongside Studio Marco Piva, in the realisation of a new concept, taking a leading role in the selection of reflective solutions for the structure. We tell you all about it.

The project for the Tirso Palace in Cagliari

Palazzo Tirso Cagliari MGallery is located in a privileged position in the urban fabric of the Sardinian city: in front of the tourist port and, at the same time, just a few steps away from one of the most attractive areas of the centre, marked by the shopping streets and attractions of art and architecture, such as the Bastione San Remy, the Torre dell’Elefante and San Pancrazio, the Roman amphitheatre, the botanical garden and the Citadel of Museums. The structure absorbs and reworks the most accomplished identity of the place, giving it its own interpretation and dominating the space around it. In this scenario we have been called upon to participate in a significant redevelopment project.

Project details

Before the development of the project, Palazzo Tirso was an office building. The new direction chosen by the owners was oriented towards the tourism sector, with the aim of intercepting a thriving, specific and characterising demand, that of luxury tourism on Sardinian soil. Palazzo Tirso has been transformed into a five-star hotel, with 61 standard rooms, 15 deluxe rooms, 8 suites and a presidential suite, for a total of 85 rooms. The building offers its guests a spa, a gymnasium, two swimming pools, a lounge and lobby bar, two restaurants, two meeting rooms and a botanical garden, spread over a complex of approximately 6,000 square metres.

The design process, before its realisation, revolved around some fundamental and indispensable cornerstones, on which the conceptual and design idea was developed: elegant lines, chromatic references to the Sardinian land, comfort, light.

The additional challenge was to define a new stylistic layout, respecting the complex’s native setting, but at the same time accommodating the building around the architecture studio’s new vision. The history of the Cagliari area as a suggestion, its colours as a guiding thread, the setting of the building as a compass.

The Marco Piva Studio

Studio Marco Piva is an architecture and design studio located in Milan, a pulsing hub of typically Made in Italy design and innovation. Method, rigour and experimentation are the instances that give shape to the architecture of this studio, which since its inception has been recognised as a promoter of stylistic freedom and the breaking of moulds, succeeding in bringing together the fluidity of free thought with the demands of functionality. Aware of this, we at Monteleone approached the Palazzo Tirso project with the desire to put our personal stamp on it, but in full respect of the overall vision.

Our mirrors for the MGallery project

The designer’s requirements were clear from the outset: mirrors were needed that could be accommodated by the space, marking a point of continuity, but were also capable of standing out. Eye-catching, yet restrained. Innovative and practical. The studio’s idea ran parallel to ours, finding a perfect point of dialogue in two projects of which we are particularly proud: an illuminated rectangular wall mirror and a round cosmetic mirror.

The wall mirror features a minimalist profile, elegantly enhanced by LED lighting that glides along the sides and side satin finish. Hi-Tech solutions that give rooms a perception of chic, discreet yet powerful luminosity.

Cosmetic mirrors complement the mirrors, giving continuity to an overall vision built around the evocations of Sardinia, giving vividness to the rooms through a cerebral play of references and reflections: the warm colours chosen to recall the sunsets of Sardinia, the shades of blue that embrace the vastness of the sea, create opposing yet harmonious tensions, and are lost in the bright lights of our reflective solutions, in the circular shapes of the mirrors, in the technical seductions of designs tailor-made to its user, its needs, its desire to nourish its eyes.

Our creations for Palazzo Tirso MGallery, a hotel in Cagliari, are strictly signed SPEKKIO, the brand that is an extension and manifestation of our way of thinking about the mirror universe.

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