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A magnifying mirror is a must-have bathroom accessory, the essential element for women and men to take care of themselves, notice details, apply make-up or trim their beards. However, all magnifying mirrors are not the same and each one has its own characteristics and peculiarities, with all the advantages and disadvantages that come with it. In this guide to magnifying mirrors, we’ll give you all the advice you need to choose the one that’s right for you.

Magnifying mirror: what is it?

The magnifying mirror – or cosmetic mirror – is a type of mirror designed to facilitate operations that require particular precision, such as applying make-up or shaving, as it has the ability to magnify the reflected image. A very useful object and an ideal design accessory to complete the bathroom, the magnifying mirror comes in different types, models, mounting systems and styles. In this guide, we will describe this market segment and provide the right advice for choosing the magnifying mirror that suits your taste and needs.

Cosmetic mirrors are usually small in size, convenient to place in the room and can be equipped with lighting. Lighting solutions offer undoubted advantages in terms of functionality, but they are not necessary if your bathroom is able to provide enough light for comfortable everyday actions or simply for mirroring.

There are therefore two main factors to consider, rather than the size of the mirror: the type and the design.


Magnifying mirrors: how many types there are

When we talk about the type of magnifying mirror, we are referring in particular to the type of mounting used. According to this subdivision, there are two different solutions: wall-mounted magnifying mirrors and free standing cosmetic mirrors.

Wall-mounted magnifying mirrors

Wall-mounted magnifying mirrors, as the name suggests, are mounted on the bathroom wall on an extendable arm that allows them to be moved and adjusted to the required height. This alternative offers countless advantages: it saves space, contributes to embellishing the bathroom setting, and is always accessible. A good choice if you have clear ideas about the style of your bathroom and do not plan to change it in the future or carry out any type of intervention. It is also a good choice if you are used to using the mirror in the same bathroom. Would you like some examples of cosmetic wall mirrors? Take a look at our AQUARI, PULSAR and DELTA cosmetic mirrors.

Free standing magnifying mirrors

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Free-standing magnifying mirrors are charming and non-binding furnishing alternatives in the sense that they can easily be moved around as required. This element makes free-standing mirrors the best choice for those who do not always use the mirror in the same way or who want to have the possibility to take it with them as required. The free-standing mirror is also a design element, which can be kept, for example, on the washbasin, to give more character to that side of the room. Here are some ideas from Monteleone: YOTA, ETA and LAMBDA.

Monteleone’s built-in solutions

At Monteleone, we have patented an avant-garde system inside our bathroom mirrors. In our ideas, the magnifying mirror is incorporated inside the main mirror and can be adjusted by means of a chrome-plated brass handle. Our VENUS and ROTARY LED products are perfect examples.


Design and shape: give the vision you want

Style, shape and sinuosity are decisive factors in your choice. Because a cosmetic mirror is undoubtedly a design accessory and must harmonise with its surroundings.

The combination of art design and ergonomics has led to the creation of solutions of all shapes and sizes: wall-mounted and free-standing circular mirrors, fixed and mobile rectangular designs.

The mirror can be a discreet element, with a light profile and subtle colours, or take centre stage with its golden livery and eye-catching structure. There are designs with a minimalist approach, ideal for modern contexts, and cosmetic mirrors with a more disruptive appearance, perfect for those who favour an unconventional setting.


At Monteleone, we are specialists in the manufacture of mirrors and cosmetic mirrors and we carry out tailor-made projects for hotels and private projects.


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