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Spekkio: innovation and personality

Monteleone is committed to the daily search for products that can continue to satisfy people’s needs.

Innovation, design and functionality are the three fundamental points on which we focus our research, aimed at offering something that is always fresh, new and current.

Paying attention to the market and its changes allows us to offer bathroom accessories and mirrors that are always contemporary yet distinctive. Monteleone specialises in the creation of customised products.

Each product is made to create a bathroom environment that is familiar and practical in its usual gestures.


The magnifying cosmetic mirror is an element that simplifies everyday life and at the same time enhances the elegance and design of our bathroom.

Our magnifying mirrors are designed for the hotel sector, tailor-made for the context in which they are placed and aimed at offering a unique stay.


Hotel Lutetia, Paris

Made from sustainable and durable materials, the latest product we are presenting is the built-in magnifying cosmetic mirror.

Placed in the luxurious and exclusive Hotel Lutetia in Paris, this cosmetic mirror was chosen for the elegance with which it is inserted directly into the wall, enhancing the colours and the entire bathroom environment.

Available in both illuminated and non-illuminated versions and round in shape, it has a double arm that allows you to pull it out of the structure in which it is embedded and bring the mirror closer to your face, for even more manageable use. Once extracted, it can be moved further to meet the needs and requirements of the user with a detailed and precise framing.

Specchio da incasso ambientato

It is characterised not only by a high degree of practicality in use, but also by its design and a completely new structure. Minimal and simple lines for a mirror that can enrich and illuminate the entire room. Furthermore, you can choose the colour that best suits your taste: the available finishes range from matt black to bronzed and chrome-plated for a product that fits perfectly into any context with versatility.

The aim is to improve the liveability of the residential space, increase its appeal and offer a product that is up-to-date and enhances the beauty of the entire interior.


We are proud to be able to offer you products that are always new, providing practicality and comfort without losing the elegance and style that sets us apart.


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