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Monteleone means more than 30 years’ experience in the furnishing sector and more than 20 years spent alongside the major players in the hotel industry. We have invested all our time and resources in creating a new way of thinking about the bathroom environment and designing unique, innovative and even revolutionary solutions, capable of proposing a new way of thinking about the idea of the mirror.


Here we have decided to take you on a visual and descriptive journey through our design universe and reveal all the secrets behind the conception and creation of mirrors by Monteleone. Are you ready?


Monteleone mirrors: solutions by Spekkio

6 product lines, 19 collections, a single brand to embrace the entire production of design mirrors by Monteleone. Through the brand Spekkio, we characterise and sign all our ideas for the mirror sector. Spekkio is the name and the distinctive feature that gives concreteness to the visions of our team, marked by a constant activity of technological research, which is flanked, integrated and harmonized by the desire to discover new ways of conceiving the art of bathroom furnishing. We are not talking about simple mirrors, but about modular projects capable of taking the stage and proposing new functions, capable of economising every gesture, incalculably improving the quality of use.


Our collections

Let us tell you about our mirror collections: a new way of conceiving the bathroom mirror universe.


Hi-Tech Design mirrors

The Hi-Tech Design line is embodied in two sensational creations: Venus and Rotary LED are the flagships of a production focused on astral fascinations, integrated with avant-garde design and new functional technology.

One of the elements that sets these mirrors apart is the innovative magnifying mirror, which can be easily adjusted by anyone – adults and children – using an easy-to-use handle. The magnifying mirror is as if it were floating inside the mirror, providing an extraordinary eye-catcher, with immediate impact and designed for the comfort of all its users. Just take a look at our catalogue of mirrors to understand what we are talking about: a revolutionary, smart technology. Obviously patented by Monteleone.


Harmony Design mirrors

We could only call our line dedicated to the ancestral charm of the circle Harmony Design, which takes shape in the Moon, Moon Easy, Dressy and Circle LED collections. Slim, captivating creations that dominate the space, capable of transforming the proxemics of the environment and enhancing its style.


Future Design mirrors

Turnable LED and Top LED, experimenting with new stylistic frontiers while ensuring the same excellent result. The lines of the Future Design section encroach on the linear form and draw adaptive reflective rectangles, luminous and theatrical, chic but never cloying. Double-sided mirrors, swivelling and with customisable light colour.


Innovative Design Mirrors

The same aesthetic vision, new applications: Innovative Design is reflected in the Star LED, Inox LED and Pro LED collections, rectangular mirrors with an urban brazenness, both subtle and contemporary, and the meeting point of neo-classicism in design with the essentiality of today’s vision.


Light Design Mirrors

The use of light and its contextualisation are usable acts of art. Lighting is the end and means of Light Design mirrors, the products included in the Simple LED, Chic LED and Lumi LED collections. Here the lighting system becomes a frame or an ornament, but without ever becoming an accessory in itself, but imagined as the creative fulcrum of the entire installation.


Strange Design mirrors

Tris LED, Oval LED and SUN are collections that we carry in our hearts. The reason is simple: they represent our boldest intuitions, they are the result of the unconscious fascinations that animate our dreams. Strange Design is the area of our catalogue responsible for guarding our instinctual impulses, giving them a face.


Minimal Design Mirrors

The Minimal Design collections respond to our need for order and balance. In the slender and rational lines of Brass Easy and Inox Easy mirrors we find those aesthetic reassurances required by balanced contexts, which impose formal decorum, but without renouncing fantasy.


Monteleone projects can be customised to measure!



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