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How do you choose a mirror for the bathroom? The apparently simple question conceals within itself a series of evaluations and reasoning that have to do not only with the aesthetic aspect. The bathroom mirror is a fundamental element from a functional and stylistic point of view and requires particular attention in its selection. We at Monteleone have made mirrors for the hôtellerie sector all over the world and have developed a 5-point guide to help you choose your perfect mirror.

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1. Let’s start with size: the right size

The first assessment to be made is undoubtedly that concerning the dimensions of the bathroom mirror. First some standard references and advice, according to the formal rules of furnishing: usually, the reflective surface should not exceed the length of the washbasin and, if you opt for wall lamps on the sides, a margin of several centimetres should be calculated on both sides. The reflective surface should be placed at a height that ensures that the user can mirror himself in a functional manner (usually about 30 cm in height from the viewing point). In general, the size of the mirror follows that of the bathroom furniture.


Now, however, a few style tips that go beyond the classic rules of bathroom furniture: a very popular idea today is to opt for mirrors that are oversized compared to the room, a perfect solution for narrow and small rooms as this aesthetic expedient allows the eye to be ‘fooled’, giving a sense of greater depth and space. Particularly in vogue today is the choice of a mirror that covers the entire wall, giving an idea of luxury and solemnity.

2. Shape: which is best suited to the environment?

The shape, according to an approach devoted to practicality of use, must be chosen in relation above all to the efficiency of the object: a large and regular surface offers unquestionable comfort in use, which should always be considered a priority. In large contexts, you can leave room for your creativity, ranging between extra-large dimensions and figures with a creative perimeter; you also have the possibility of evaluating the option of a symmetrical or asymmetrical double mirror, to characterise and personalise your bathroom. On small walls, on the other hand, it is necessary to reason so as to optimise centimetres: we advise you to opt for frameless surfaces, an elegant but also space-saving solution.

3. Lighting: the element that makes the difference

Another fundamental element: lighting. Obviously, a mirror with a light offers a much more comfortable service to the user, and we at Monteleone believe that it is always better to have an illuminated bathroom mirror. What are the alternatives?

An always valid option is the applique or the luminous spotlight, installed externally to the mirror or to the supporting furniture: customisable, effective, timeless. The backlit LED placed inside the mirror offers a glamorous charm capable of enhancing the mirror’s designs, even if it is more difficult to maintain; finally, the more common containers, in which the spotlights or LEDs are housed, placed at the top of the mirror, functional but less discreet than the other two alternatives.

4. Finishes: the quality of details

At Monteleone, we pay special attention to finishes. We believe that the detail, or rather, what appears to the uninitiated to be a detail, is instead the element really capable of making the difference, of adding value to the creation of design. The finishes, in a mirror, open up a boundless world of possibilities, in terms of materials, thicknesses, profiles. We have realised made-to-measure projects all over the world, experimenting with all kinds of finishes, from the most minimal, chrome-plated brass, light along the edges of the reflective surface, to those instead of solemn taste, suggestively flashy. Each context follows its own logic and the finish must be a natural extension of that logic.

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5. Style: consistency with the style of the room

Inside the word style there is a universe of interpretations impossible to recount in a few words. Certainly, the mirror is an integral part of the soul of the bathroom, but also of the entire living context. Our mirrors are open to a wide range of interpretations: the mirror can become the king of the bathroom, thanks to an attractive and attention-grabbing aesthetic profile, such as our Venus, Rotary LED and Top LED creations, or it can become a discreet but harmoniously perfect ornament, see for example the Moon Easy, Oval LED and Simple LED projects. The mirror reflects not only your image, but also your way of being. Which mirror are you? Discover our catalogue!


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