MOON NEO – Black frame mirror bathroom

Customizable personality

Consistent with the style and imagery of the VENUS line, the MOON NEO bathroom mirror theatrically presents itself as a reflecting circle, inflamed by a ray of light and masterfully defined by a black frame that makes it unique in terms of aesthetics and style, not only within the Monteleone catalog, but within the entire sector of design mirrors.

An ingenious product, which houses within it an adjustable magnifying mirror that floats charmingly inside the main one.

MOON NEO is a bathroom mirror with an incisive look, a creation of visual impact, which knows how to get noticed, but without resorting to baroque suggestions: its design is light, impalpable, elusive; the mirror integrates ideally into the context of use, characterizing the entire room with originality, grit, elegance and practicality.

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Black frame mirror bathroom  - MOON NEO - CRLBlack frame mirror bathroom  - MOON NEO - RASBlack frame mirror bathroom  - MOON NEO - BRSBlack frame mirror bathroom  - MOON NEO - NEO
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Design ideas combined with Hi-Tech: Black frame mirror bathroom MOON NEO


As most of Spekkio‘s realizations, MOON NEO is equipped with an internal magnifying mirror that moves inside the main mirror thanks to the very practical use of a handle, finely placed on the external profile of the mirror.
The brass frame, intensely colored in black, gives visual solidity to the bathroom context and is easily harmonized in any stylistic context, from contemporary to shabby chic to classic, with clear, but discreet vintage suggestions.

The mirror MOON LEO is equipped with a beam of LED light that surrounds the entire internal structure, facilitating the most typical bathroom operations such as make-up, shave or simply observe yourself. And it does so with a unique naturalness, thanks to the rotation system patented by us and now recognized as a trait of excellence of Monteleone production.

And that’s not all: the MOON LEO mirror, like all our projects, is customizable in size and color of the frame according to customer requirements.


Black frame mirror bathroom – MOON NEO


Category: VENUS
Lighting: LED lighting.
Lighting colour: Warm white light 3000K.
Finish: Matt Black (NEO).
Electric wiring: Class I, 230 V.
Heating pad: Complete with heating pad.
IP protection degree: IP44.




  • With built-in, lighted cosmetic mirror, 3X.
  • Adjustable of +/- 170° by handle at the side of the mirror.
  • The mirror is protected by brass frame frontalmete da 20 mm – 20 mm on the front side.

Other sizes available:

VN.MOO.GG080M080ø800 mm


Round shaped bathroom mirrors available in various sizes, with brass frame

Lighting: LED
Inner frame: white painted plate
Notes: the frame is secured to the wall by dowels, while the mirror is screwed to the frame with four screws. The mirror, including the side frame, is interchangeable.