Pivot bathroom mirror – BETA

Beyond the imagination. Hi Tech and rectangular design

BETA is the rectangular mirror with modern lines from the Turnable LED series. Not a simple mirror, but the queen of the bathroom context, ideal for modern and contemporary settings. Its stainless steel livery shines thanks to the LED light that defines the slim but robust profile of the design. A rectangle of yellow fire, mounted on a support so discreet as to become impalpable, sculpts its smooth contours.

BETA takes to the most daring conclusions the path of experimentation that has always distinguished Monteleone and its Spekkio products: the internal magnifying mirror dominates the space and enhances the brilliance of the reflective surface. BETA is technical suggestion combined with the grace of today’s design.

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Rectangle of seduction – BETA modern mirrors


BETA, like all Monteleone creations, was created within the Research and Development department with a design perspective aimed primarily at the hotel sector. As a project intended for large-scale distribution, it was created to meet the functional requirements of architects and designers.

The mirror’s skeleton is made of stainless steel to ensure optimal visual impact, wear resistance and manufacturing quality. Inside the main mirror is a magnifying mirror, in an innovative and in-house patented composite solution.

Easy to install either on the wall or at the washbasin, BETA features all the necessary supports to enhance the user experience: LED lighting, anti-fog system, interchangeable mirrors. This last feature makes the mirror an ideal object for different contextualisations, from large rooms, in which it can best express its aesthetic scenography, to small rooms, in which it maximises space and creates an extensive effect.


Pivot bathroom mirror – BETA


Satin finish:Left and right vertical satin finish.
Lighting colour: Warm white light 3000K.
Dimensions: 330x1450x60 mm (WxHxD).
Finish: The mirror frame is polished stainless steel.
Electric wiring: Class I, 230-240 V.
IP protection degree: IP44.
{CE}: Meet the essential requirements of EU Directives.




  • With built-in, unlighted mirror, 3X.
  • Top support by wall, bottom support by basin.
  • The mirror is protected by stainless steel frame.


Two-sided bathroom mirrors with 300 degree rotation

Lighting: LED
*Front frame: polished/frosted stainless steel Thickness 15 mm
**Side frame: polished/frosted stainless steel
Inner frame: stainless steel
Notes: the two mirrors (two-sided) are interchangeable. The mirror can be fixed to a wall, wall board and ceiling, depending on the model chosen.