MIRA is one of the excellent solutions of Spekkio line, the brand that signs our Hi-Tech creations for the bathroom environment thought for a contextualization in elegant and classy spaces.

The peculiarity of the MIRA make-up mirror lies in its innovative structure characterized by a second magnifying mirror placed inside the first one, adjustable to the ideal height through a rotation system patented by Monteleone. A simple idea in its conception, but complex from a technical point of view and which rewrites the functional logic of the mirror with a view to practicality and comfort. The mirror is the result of obsessive research and development aimed at developing the most technologically suitable solution to realise our idea: a mirror that is modelled on the use and physical needs of the person using it, whether the user is a woman, a man or even a child.

Avant-garde design, fine lines

MIRA synthesises and exemplifies the design vision of Monteleone’s creatives and designers, constantly searching for the ideal combination of formal elegance and comfort of use. The lines, the frame, the profile of the mirror, combined with a large and voluminous reflective surface, make MIRA a perfect element to make simple and pleasant everyday gestures and, at the same time, to embellish with character and originality the space in which it is placed. The sinuosity of the mirror, whose dimensions and chrome plating can be customised according to the client’s needs and desires, gives MIRA and the entire bathroom context a distinct charm, making it a more striking accessory, without losing its discreet and minimalist grace.


A new living concept

Women and men have different needs and a different approach to living in the bathroom. Women use free-standing magnifying mirrors, ideal for applying make-up with ease. Men need a larger lens to shave safely and accurately, but usually find uncomfortable the free standing model, because it hinders the typical movements of shaving, so MIRA was born with the intent to combine the needs of women and men with an ingenious system, which synthesizes in an innovative, ergonomic and practical needs for him and her: the bathroom becomes an environment designed for all, without compromise.

Monteleone Spekkio Cosmetic mirror RL.MIR.GG081x081

MIRA in the hotel context

Monteleone has always been synonymous of innovative ideas for the hotel sector: products capable of changing the living context and giving it character and comfort. Projects born to delight guests and make their stay comfortable, also through conceptually suggestive elements with admirable lines. With the MIRA mirror, Monteleone’s furnishing concept reaches its full completion: luxury hotels and renowned hotel chains have chosen MIRA, customising it in the finishes and in the lighting system, to best characterise their rooms, finding the best solution to make their own style dialogue with that of Monteleone. The aspect of customization, in fact, has always been appreciated by our referents in the hotel sector, who can modulate each object according to their space requirements and the most suitable configuration.

mira mirror with built in cosmetic mirror - 2
The MIRA mirror for private residences

In the family context, the furnishing must be thought of with a view to extreme practicality, without neglecting the aesthetic aspect: MIRA is the ideal solution to exalt both functions; not a compromise between utility and style, but a perfect meeting point in which the method of use becomes an integral part of the expressive canon. The magnifying mirror, illuminated or not depending on the client’s choice, is very easy to use and can be handled even by a child thanks to its soft usability and its robust and innovative structure. The home environment, with particular attention to the bathroom, finds in MIRA an object capable of facilitating every movement in everyday life, without neglecting the visual impact of the mirror. Beauty never gets old, especially when combined with practicality.

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