Mirror RAS – Makeup vanity mirror

The uniqueness of the Hi-Tech magnifying mirror

The RAS bathroom mirror is coherently placed within the narrative of the Rotary LED line: a cheeky creation, with a design that escapes the canons of the already seen to define a soft, curvilinear profile that embraces the reflective surface in all its grace.

The rounded corners are the expression of a creative quirk that also knows how to give function to its shape, through a slender module that fits impeccably into classy, contemporary or shabby chic environments.

RAS is the triumph of Hi-Tech, but it respects the vision of Monteleone that, through the realizations signed Spekkio, is the spokesman of a sophisticated and at the same time accessible taste, in which the aesthetics remains a fundamental objective, to be pursued through the stylistic innovation and the technological progression.

The final result is a mirror apparently simple, but actually equipped with every comfort: the internal magnifying mirror, the LED light, the light steel frame.

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The makeup vanity mirror RAS: practically beautiful


RAS features the same rotation system used in all our mirrors with internal magnifying mirror: the latter is installed internally to the main surface and can be placed at the desired height by its user with a simple hand movement, within reach of children and extremely practical.

The user experience is the tension and the fundamental focus that guides the evaluations of all the designers, architects and engineers who collaborate in the creation of Monteleone mirrors; a maniacality that is also reflected in the choice of frames, in stainless steel and embellished by the presence of the chromed brass handle, as strong as it is visually striking.

The beam of light that defines the magnifying mirror emanates LED light and is the most successful manifesto of our constant path of aesthetic and functional research, stubbornly committed to generating the perfect match between beauty and utility. The internal frame in painted sheet metal and the anti-fog panel are the additional elements that transform the RAS mirror into a product of excellence in all respects.


Makeup vanity mirror – RAS


Category: ROTARY LED
Lighting:LED lighting.
Lighting colour: Warm white light 3000K.
Dimensions: 810x810x70 mm (WxHxD).
Finish: The mirror frame is polished stainless steel.
Electric wiring: Central cable entry.
, Class I, 230 V.
Heating pad: Complete with heating pad.
IP protection degree: IP44.
{CE}: Meet the essential requirements of EU Directives.




  • With built-in, lighted cosmetic mirror, 3X.
  • Adjustable of +/- 170° by handle at the side of the mirror.


Bathroom swivel mirrors and built-in height adjustable cosmetic mirror

Lighting: LED
*Handle: chrome-plated brass
**Side frame: in stainless steel
Inner Frame: white painted plate
Notes: the attachment is done by means of a central pin fixed to the wall. The mirror, including the side frame, is interchangeable.