Bronzed finish mirror – POLLUCE

harmonious everywhere

POLLUCE features a profile with strong retro tones, following a stylistic imagery that is enhanced by the bronze satin finish and rounded corners, characterising features of a refined and markedly vintage work.

The mirror with a bronze finish and included in the BRASS EASY line enhances the functional and aesthetic research of the designers and concretises it in a creation conceived to give strength and character to every single detail: the brass frame, the bronze livery, the dimensions designed to embrace the figure in its entirety.

Chic, understatedly classical, slender, captivating: POLLUCE is a daring mirror that embraces Baroque peculiarities and contemporary tensions in minimalist lines and harmonises them in a bold, intriguing solution. Unique.

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Bronzed finish mirror – POLLUCE


Category: BRASS EASY
Dimensions: 520x1270x30 angoli tondi mm (WxHxD).
Finish: Satin Bronze (BRS).
Heating pad: Complete with heating pad.




  • The mirror is protected by brass frame.


Bathroom mirrors with brass protection frame

Lighting: none
*Front frame: polished brass
Inner frame: brass
Notes: the frame is an integral part of the mirror and is therefore not interchangeable. The attachment is done through grooves and special dowels that allow the hanging of the mirror as if it were a frame.