Bronze mirror for bathroom – ALYA BRS

Versatile, solid, beautiful

ALYA BRS, from the BRASS EASY collection, is a successful example of Monteleone’s vision for bathroom furnishings: a bronze mirror with a very solid profile, incisive in appearance and striking to the eye, shiny, square, symmetrical, harmonious.

The structure of the mirror, rectangular, one metre high, slender, suggests austere fascinations, which are softened gently by the gilding of the frame, which harmonises the harsh features in a play of intense chrome.

With ALYA BRS, the Monteleone creatives reach the definitive landing place in that research process aimed at synthesising in a harmonious solution the tensions of minimal and essential beauty with the demands of material quality and versatility of use. The end result is a mirror capable of feeding on the evocations of the past to bring them up to date in the present and suggest a new futuristic path.

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Bronze mirror for bathroom  - ALYA BRS - BRSBronze mirror for bathroom  - ALYA BRS - NEO
SKU: BE.ALY.NN050K100 Category:


Bronze mirror for bathroom – ALYA BRS


Category: BRASS EASY
Specification: Made fissaggio sicurezza- security fixing.
Lighting: Unlighted.
Finish: Satin Bronze (BRS).
Heating pad: Complete with heating pad.




  • The mirror is protected by brass frame.

Other sizes available:

BE.ALY.NN050K100500x1000x30 mm


Bathroom mirrors with brass protection frame

Lighting: none
*Front frame: polished brass
Inner frame: brass
Notes: the frame is an integral part of the mirror and is therefore not interchangeable. The attachment is done through grooves and special dowels that allow the hanging of the mirror as if it were a frame.