Monteleone is synonymous with cosmetic mirrors and mirror units. From the very first years of activity, our direction has been to conceive, design and realise furnishing elements that are neither simply beautiful nor banally practical, but that represent the perfect embrace between aesthetics and utility. To achieve this ambitious goal, we let ourselves be guided by a multiple vision involving planners, designers, architects and engineers.

Form and function. Technological innovation and roots in artisan traditions. A dialogue, a continuous tension that sees the customer as interpreter and final creator: our mirrors and cosmetic mirrors, in fact, are customisable to your needs.

This blog was born out of the need to tell people who we are and what we are looking for. Our creations are the manifesto of our history and our sensitivity, but we realised that we also need words to show ourselves to the public. We feel the desire to take you inside our workshop, to guide you behind the scenes of our daily life, as we have been trying to do with yours for over 20 years.

We would like to share with you the smells of wood as it is being worked, to invite you to feel our glass by touch. We would like to give you a sensory experience, but we can’t do that. So let’s try to show you through our articles. We will tell you how a Monteleone mirror is made. We will lead you to discover the details of what animates our days. We will tell you about our collections, the materials we choose, our finishes.

This blog aims to introduce our current and future customers to our new products and solutions. We have been present on the world market for more than two decades and we have specialised in the customisation of mirrors, mirrors and bathroom accessories by accepting your requests. Our aim is to make customised products as close as possible to your aspirations, needs and desires. This is a complicated task, because construction issues often do not fit in with your plans, but thanks to our many years of experience we always manage to find the right solution for every project!


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