A mirror can unexpectedly enhance or even change the whole décor if incorporated in the right way. The secret is knowing how to choose the most suitable one. Style, innovation and design pass through details that can change the face of a piece of furniture and, with it, the environment that houses it.


With this vision, we at Monteleone collaborate with designers, architects and planners to create furnishing solutions that follow a double track, a double thread that comes together under the Spekkio brand, the brand name that signs our creations in the field of mirrors and mirrors: technological innovation and aesthetic sense.


Our MIRA mirror is the perfect embodiment of our vision. It is a round illuminated mirror with a slim, minimalist, light line, ideal for enhancing walls and brightening up the bathroom. The curvilinear shape makes the object soft, modern, perfectly integrable in contemporary scenarios. The width of the mirror is designed for comfort and practicality of the most common actions and enhances a project defined in the direction of elegance without excess, with measure and taste for proportions.

A handle on the side of the mirror allows the user to adjust the magnifying mirror through an internal rotation system patented by us. The magnifying mirror is housed inside the larger mirror in a single modular block: an integrated, unique solution designed with everyday use and needs in mind.


You can position the cosmetic mirror according to your height, in an immediate, easy, practical way. Actions such as applying make-up, shaving and combing your hair are made pleasant and comfortable thanks to an ingenious and structurally sound system. Material quality is another feature that distinguishes Monteleone’s creations, made with carefully selected raw materials to resist over time and respect the environment.

The MIRA mirror, like all Monteleone projects, can be customised according to the size of the element and the colours of the finishes: it is available in bronze, chrome, gold, black and copper. We have chosen the colours that best lend themselves to a sober and distinct contextualisation in residential and hotel environments, in order to satisfy the customer, his needs and expectations.


As with all our products, Mira can be customised with or without a light, both for the mirror and the cosmetic mirror.


MIRA enhances the bathroom environment thanks to a versatile and characteristic design and a set of functions in which the user is at the exact centre of the design idea!


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