The bathroom stool is not just an accessory, but a functional and design element that is perfect for characterising the environment and optimising space and use. A bathroom stool makes it easier to carry out classic daily activities, such as drying your hair or getting a manicure, and it is also an excellent resource for helping your child reach the washbasin easily. A bathroom stool is the ideal solution from every point of view and, if chosen tastefully, is also an excellent piece of furniture, giving your bathroom that extra touch, we sometimes don’t realise we need.


Why buy a Monteleone stool?

In relation to the bathroom environment, everyone has personal needs that only the right accessories can satisfy. We all have at least one good reason to complete our bathroom furniture with a comfortable seat, don’t you think? Our solutions are based on this awareness and are designed to achieve the most successful synthesis of function and design. Here is what we want to tell you about Monteleone bathroom stools.


Bathroom stool features and models

Monteleone designs and manufactures its stools developing articles with an Italian style, focusing on the excellence that distinguishes Made in Italy all over the world. Our stools have square or round seats and use a wide range of materials, more or less soft, fire-retardant and/or water-repellent, wenge wood, to suit every need and style.

The shape is studied in every detail to ensure comfort and ergonomics. By Monteleone bathroom stools are light and manageable, easy to move from one room to another or within the room, establishing themselves as practical and not at all bulky accessories.


Quality control

Creating something unique and with a declared claim to quality requires attention to every detail. Before Monteleone stools are introduced onto the market, they are subjected to the scrutiny of our careful quality control.

The stool must not present any aesthetic or stability problems and must be an ergonomic and safe product. The welds, if any, are taken care of down to the last detail to ensure an impeccable design and a robustness capable of withstanding the test of time.



Most of our stools have a fireproof seat to prevent damage from accidental contact with heat sources, cigarette butts and/or ash and to avoid the risk of starting a fire.

The stability of the structure is controlled in order to avoid accidental tipping over or even the annoying “rocking” effect, which is inappropriate for a stool that wants to be of superior quality. High-quality plastic feet are also used to prevent the seat from slipping.


Monteleone models

Monteleone has always focused on variety, presenting a versatile range of bathroom stools designed to blend in with any style and inclination, from the wenge-coloured wooden seat to the characteristic soft cocoa-coloured or white leatherette model. For more information, technical specifications, or to simply take a look at all our models, please visit the dedicated page on our website!



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