Vanity mirror with lights – SPEKKIO 248, chrome-plated brass with double arm.

Revolutionary design, top functionality

SPEKKIO 248 is one of the two souls of the Corona line, the collection dedicated to square-shaped designer make-up mirrors: captivating, seductive, functional, unique.

Like every project by Monteleone – and its brand Spekkio – this cosmetic mirror is designed to integrate with discreet elegance and timeless charm into various contexts: contemporary, modern, shabby chic, without distorting the environment and enhancing its profile, marked and embellished by a silver-plated coating with chrome-plated brass trim.

The reflective surface is curved, providing a seductive play of visions and perspectives that meets the user’s gaze, delights and conquers him.

SPEKKIO 248 is a project that goes in search of formal and functional innovation, configuring itself as a solution in which the needs of use and those of furnishing meet and dialogue: a mirror that never goes out of fashion, modern, yet without renouncing the suggestions and features that reconnect it to the past, stripped of the most obsolete elements and dressed in innovation and charm.

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Vanity mirror with lights  - SPEKKIO 248 - CRLVanity mirror with lights  - SPEKKIO 248 - NIS
SKU: CR.248.PG31NxCRL Category:


Vanity mirror with lights – SPEKKIO 248


Category: CORONA
Lighting: LED lighting (4 Led x 1 W).
Arm: Double arm.
Finish: Chrome brass.
Electric wiring: Direct application on the base.
,Class I, 230 V.
IP protection degree: IP44.
{CE}: Meet the essential requirements of EU Directives.




  • With 3X magnification.
  • With frame.

Other sizes available:



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