We are honoured and proud to have been among the nominees for the 2019 MDO Prize Monte Carlo.

The award ceremony took place on 23 January at the Yacht Club Monaco and celebrated companies that have distinguished themselves for innovation, technology, design and sustainability.

Monteleone participated with its patented Venus round lighted mirror.

It was a wonderful evening of celebration for international design!


MDO Prize

Our participation was particularly flattering as it allowed us to attend the first edition of the international design event. The event recognised the merits of companies in the sector that are active in offering solutions based on technology, innovation, design and sustainability. MDO is an event organised in collaboration with the magazine l’Arca International and in partnership with ADI Associazione per il Disegno Industriale, IFI International Federation of Interior architects/designers, Dedalo Minosse, the Institut Français du Design and La Gazette de Monaco.


Venus mirror

Further satisfaction comes from the fact that our company has reached the audience of the Principality of Monaco for the work done in the development of the Venus mirror, a product that best sums up the vision and values of our brand. The Venus mirror, patented by our company, stands out for its functional and design features. Its rounded shape makes it an ideal piece of furniture to be placed in charming environments characterised by formal elegance and style.

The technological contribution of the mirror is also fundamental, conceived with the needs of ergonomics and practicality in mind: Venus is equipped with a magnifying mirror which, thanks to an internal adjustment system, can be placed at the ideal height for its user, without using space and in an immediate manner.


Solutions for the hotel industry

Venus is one of the flagship products of our collection and reflects – it has to be said – an approach that has distinguished the Monteleone brand for over 20 years. Our company is particularly focused on the hotel industry with the aim of providing elegant, innovative and environmentally friendly ideas that enhance the location in a sober and versatile way. And that is what we want to continue to do in the years to come: that is a promise.