VELO NEO – black frame circular mirror

Black fantasy and fascination

A soulful soul, a black profile, an avant-garde technological system: this, but also much more, is the VELO NEO bathroom mirror, another work of art from the VENUS collection. Like the entire VENUS universe, VELO NEO is a triumph of Hi-Tech, where, however, technology can also become an aesthetic element, a stylish accessory that combines function and appearance, form and substance, pragmatism and artistic sense.

The black brass frame lightly dilutes a solemn design, with vague fairy-tale suggestions, but strongly anchored to contemporaneity, to common feeling, to the tensions of advancing fashion. VELO NEO is Monteleone’s answer to the questions of a public that sees art design as the most complete expression of the constant dialogue between the needs of the eye and those of daily life.

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Black frame circular mirror  - VELO NEO - CRLBlack frame circular mirror  - VELO NEO - RASBlack frame circular mirror  - VELO NEO - BRSBlack frame circular mirror  - VELO NEO - NEO
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Black frame circular mirror - VELO NEO


Category: VENUS
Lighting: LED lighting.
Lighting colour: Warm white light 3000K.
Finish: Matt Black (NEO).
Electric wiring: Class I, 230 V.
Heating pad: Complete with heating pad.
IP protection degree: IP44.




  • With built-in, unlighted mirror, 3X.
  • Adjustable of +/- 170° by handle at the side of the mirror.
  • The mirror is protected by brass frame.

Other sizes available:

VN.VEL.GG080M080ø800 mm


Round shaped bathroom mirrors available in various sizes, with brass frame

Lighting: LED
* With brass frame
Inner frame: white painted plate
Notes: the frame is secured to the wall by dowels, while the mirror is screwed to the frame with four screws. The mirror, including the side frame, is interchangeable.