ALYA – Makeup vanity mirrors

Circular and relentlessly sinuous

A perfect circle of light. The stainless steel circumference encircles the reflective surface and gives concrete form to yet another creation in celestial hues from the Rotary LED line. The ALYA design mirror proposes a new way of using the bathroom environment, transforming the usual gestures into a game, thanks to patented home automation technology.

The very name ALYA – star of the Serpent Constellation – suggests a cosmic, ineffable imagery, also due to its slender profile and its sinuously surprising shapes: the ALYA mirror is a successful experiment in art design, a synthesis of usability, style, Hi-Tech and renewal.

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ALYA makeup vanity mirrors: harmonization of lines and technologies


The flagship of the entire Rotary LED collection is the rotation system used to adjust the magnifying mirror, which is inserted inside the main mirror: on the perimeter of the mirror there is a chromed brass handle that allows the movement of the magnifying mirror, with a rotation capacity of +/- 170°.
An ingenious system, because it is able to make simple what is through a technology accessible to the whole family.

The profile of the mirror is very solid, but slim, thanks to its polished stainless steel core, on a wall base in white sheet metal, to ensure more robustness and ease of maintenance to the object. The entire reflective module is designed, manufactured and tested inside Monteleone laboratories and is the result of a meticulous study in the direction of artistic, technological and conceptual renewal.

We design mirrors that orbit around the user experience, in all its needs and tensions.

ALYA is the smart, domotic and design solution for elegant contexts that seek comfort within objects capable of telling, showing and interpreting beauty.


Makeup vanity mirrors – ALYA


Category: ROTARY LED
Dimensions: ø810 mm.
Electric wiring: Central cable entry.
{CE}: Meet the essential requirements of EU Directives.




  • With built-in, unlighted mirror, 3X.
  • Adjustable of +/- 170° by handle at the side of the mirror.
  • For easy maintenance, the article is made up of a mirror with a frame, bolted with two upper and two lower screws to a base fixed to the wall in white plate.


Bathroom swivel mirrors and built-in height adjustable cosmetic mirror

Lighting: LED
*Handle: chrome-plated brass
**Side frame: in stainless steel
Inner Frame: white painted plate
Notes: the attachment is done by means of a central pin fixed to the wall. The mirror, including the side frame, is interchangeable.