Chromed illuminated mirror – MOON

Illuminated chrome mirror Imaginative, astral, offbeat

For the collection of the same name, the MOON mirror is born: the full expression of the dialogue and then the synthesis between the artistic essence of our creatives and the practical sense of the technical section. MOON features a chrome profile, at once glamorous and glamorous, refined in its brilliant livery that breaks the conventions of the ordinary.

The mirror embodies the essence of the Monteleone vision of formal composure. The brass frame is enhanced by the perimeter LED, which runs along the edge of the reflective surface giving an evocative play of light, chic, but also extremely functional and designed with practicality in mind.

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Elegantly functional – illuminated chrome mirror MOON


Monteleone conceives the mirror as a fundamental object for the bathroom space, a meeting point between the needs of design and those of use. The user experience is the central value in the design of this elegant, light mirror with a chrome-plated brass frame that is resistant to time and the wear and tear of daily use.

The reflective surface is equipped with an anti-fog panel and an LED lighting system that significantly enhance its functionality. MOON is equipped with an interchangeable side frame and an internal frame with wall fixing by means of dowels, made of white painted sheet metal, which is very light, but at the same time strong, solid and reliable, as well as being very easy to assemble and dismantle.

The mirror is customisable in terms of size (600, 800 or 900 mm diameter) and the colour and material of the finish. The possibility of customisation, after all, is the hallmark of our company, which has been working with luxury hotel chains all over the world for over twenty years.


Chromed illuminated mirror – MOON


Category: MOON
Lighting: LED lighting.
Satin finish: Lap satin finish.
Lighting colour: Warm white light 3000K.
Electric wiring: Class I, 220-230 V.
Heating pad: Complete with heating pad.
IP protection degree: IP44.
{CE}: Meet the essential requirements of EU Directives.




  • The mirror is protected by brass frame.

Other sizes available:

MO.MOO.SG060x060ø900 mm
MO.MOO.SG060x060ø800 mm
MO.MOO.SG060x060ø600 mm


Illuminated, fixed round mirrors, available in various sizes, with brass frame

Lighting: LED
Inner frame: white painted plate
Notes: the frame is secured to the wall by dowels, while the mirror is screwed to the frame with four screws. The mirror, including the side frame, is interchangeable.