Mirror with steel frame – REDA

Beautiful, but also much more

REDA is the stainless steel bathroom mirror from the INOX LED line. But it is also the ideal point of convergence, the perfect meeting of technology, futuristic design and comfort of use.

A design that knows how to amaze with its sparkling livery, marked by a satin finish that defines the entire reflective surface and an LED lighting system that is as much a design ornament as it is an element capable of raising the level of practical functionality of the object.

The bathroom mirror seduces thanks to a square, slender, essential profile, which takes pride in a grey, elegant and minimal dress, created for contemporary contextualisations, where the quest for beauty and the quest for practicality do not clash, but dialogue harmoniously and design the solution towards which both creative tensions tend.

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Mirror with steel frame  - REDA - NEOMirror with steel frame  - REDA - INO
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Mirror with steel frame – REDA


Category: INOX LED
Lighting: LED lighting.
Satin finish: Lap satin finish.
Lighting colour: Warm white light 3000K.
Electric wiring: Central cable entry.
,Class I, 230-240 V.
Heating pad: Complete with heating pad.
IP protection degree: IP44.
{CE}: Meet the essential requirements of EU Directives.




  • The mirror is protected by stainless steel frame.

Other sizes available:

IL.RED.GG097H097970X970X40 mm
IL.RED.GG097H097640x970x40 mm


Bathroom mirrors with stainless steel protection frame

Lighting: LED
*Front frame: polished stainless steel.
Inner frame: white painted plate
Notes: the frame is secured to the wall by dowels, while the mirror is screwed to the frame with four screws. The mirror, including the side frame, is interchangeable.