Wall mirror round – SPEKKIO 056

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SPEKKIO 056 is a round single-arm wall mirror that makes innovation its hallmark, as evidenced by the LED lighting and the timer built into the structure with automatic switch-off after 3 minutes of non-use.

But SPEKKIO 056 is also a design solution, which catches the eye thanks to a design that celebrates formal elegance, lightness and light: a structure finely sculpted in metal, polished, sinuous, conceived for easy placement in modern, shabby chic, classic or composite contexts.

Ease of use, ergonomics, beauty are the principles that define SPEKKIO 056 and make it a perfect solution in every situation, ideal for adding style to the environment without exaggeration, with balance, harmoniously.

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Round wall mirror SPEKKIO 056 | Pulsar Line


Pulsar is one of the most innovative Monteleone collections in the entire mirror catalogue. SPEKKIO 056 fits right into this line because it is able to offer very useful functions to architects and users, from a technical and practical point of view.

The LED lighting system, as well as defining a suggestive golden crown around the reflective surface, facilitates the use of the mirror at all times, offering top performance and integrating perfectly with the touch switch technology, which makes the mirror even more intriguing and avant-garde.

The timer allows the mirror to be switched off at the programmed time, avoiding unnecessary waste of energy, and fits into the structure of the object in a natural, imperceptible way.

SPEKKIO 056 is light, solid, chic, easy to assemble, practical in use, adjustable thanks to the metal arm that acts as a support and allows it to be moved to the desired height. The small size, combined with flawless operation, makes SPEKKIO 056 a wall mirror without limits, suitable for any type of space.


Wall mirror round – SPEKKIO 056


Category: PULSAR
Lighting:LED lighting.
Lighting colour: Warm white light 3000K.
Arm: Single arm.
Battery: Built-in timer (auto off = 3 minutes).




  • With 3X magnification.